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Cargotec technology for two new car carriers



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Cargotec technology for two new car carriers

Cargotec’s MacGregor unit recently won a contract to deliver electrically powered RoRo equipment for two new car carriers under construction in Japan. The ships, which are being built at Shin-Kurushima’s Onishi shipyard, will be supplied with a stern ramp, a side ramp, six internal ramps, a ramp cover, and hoistable car decks.

MacGregor is the world's leading name in engineering solutions and services for handling marine cargoes and offshore loads, and one of the main advantages of its electric drives is that they eliminate hydraulic oil leaks, which can cause pollution and cargo damage. They have also proved very reliable and are easy to monitor and service.

The new car carriers being built in Japan will be fitted with a touch-screen monitoring system capable of providing a continual stream of data and equipment status updates. The MacGregor system can also be integrated into other ship management safety systems.

The first vessels with all-electrical internal and external RoRo outfits entered service in 2011, including Nissan's eco-friendly coastal car carrier, the Nichioh Maru, which was also delivered by Shin-Kurushima.

Other recent news from Cargotec includes a contract secured by Kalmar for 11 automatic stacking cranes from Europe Container Terminals (ECT) in the Netherlands. The cranes will be delivered to ECT’s Delta Terminal in Rotterdam, the world’s first fully automated terminal, during 2014 and will replace some of the site’s existing automatic stacking cranes that have been in operation there since the early 1990s.

Kalmar and Nelcon, a company acquired by Kalmar in 2001, have delivered over 100 automatic stacking cranes to ECT over the past 25 years.

Most of the world’s Pure Car Carriers (PCCs), Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTCs), and Large Car and Truck Carriers (LCTCs) today are equipped with MacGregor RoRo cargo access equipment. Photo courtesy of Cargotec.

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