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Diagnostics, Materials & Systems
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All articles in this section

Speeding up and simplifying diagnostic procedures

Combating HIV and TB with the help of GTU®
Keeping a check on your blood sugar has never been easier
World-class digital 3D imaging
A professional partner that the best rely on
What if managing your diabetes could be easy, fun, and motivating?
Safer drug therapy
Reusable is better than disposable – when it’s done right
A new approach to communicating from the dentist’s chair
Leading the way in navigated stimulation of the brain
The safe and flexible choice for environmental monitoring
Great-tasting technology

New technology to combat HIV and tuberculosis
New approaches in neuroscience
An advanced non-contact approach to vital signs monitoring
Pioneering a new-generation radiation therapy for cancer
Taking telecare to the next level
Diagnosing and healing the brain more effectively
Speed, quality, and ease of use
The diagnostic tool of choice for sinusitis
Quick, easy, and discrete
It’s all about better quality and better patient safety

Using viruses to help battle cancer
Making high-margin, low-waste enzyme production possible
A vaccine for HIV is getting closer
At the cutting edge of biomaterials and tissue engineering
Advanced cell culture technology
Pushing back the frontier of cancer treatment
Advanced 3D imaging tools for everyday dental work
A smarter, faster way to monitor surface hygiene
The easy way to diagnose pulmonary problems
People perform at their best when they’re happiest in their jobs
A new way to diagnose and heal the brain
Telemedicine – now
Healthier food for healthier living

On the way to developing a vaccine for HIV
Leveraging the skin’s own ‘technology’
Reconstructing the face using stem cells
A new approach to treating endometriosis
Breathing new life into antibiotics
Developing first-in-class pharmaceuticals
Biologically targeted treatment
Less painful all around
Telemedicine that’s easy to use and cost-effective
Preventive eCare delivers real benefits
A healthier, safer life
Going barefoot – in shoes
Advanced pressure relief
New insights into brain function
Effective diagnosis for pulmonary problems
Early diagnosis is essential for effective treatment
Diagnosing and healing the brain
Innovating for health
Functional technologies for the dairy industry
New-generation biomaterials

Addressing the HIV vaccine challenge
Innovating better standards of well-being
Keeping tabs on patients more effectively
New treatments for dependence disorders
Implants that do more
Quicker is better in diagnostics
Advanced accuracy
Taking a closer look at the brain
Excellent diagnostic performance
Diagnosing pulmonary problems effectively
A new dawn
Quick and easy glaucoma screening
Putting the user first
Making more of every aspect of exercise
Groundbreaking intelligent packaging solution for pharmaceuticals
Eat more rye and oats, they’re good for you
Dual-action technology for healthier food