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Seamless HR services – in-house or outsourced

HR House offers a comprehensive range of HR services and dedicated software that can be combined to provide customers with the kind of flexibility today’s competitive world calls for and allows them to optimise the mix of outsourced and internal services that works best for them.

HR House’s offering extends all the way from high-level HR management consulting through recruitment and outplacement to outsourced HR services and HR software. Advanced Internetbased software plays an integral part in many aspects of the company’s offering.

As all software is provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, customers only need to lease the modules they need, and can add more for the combination that suits their needs best as their requirements change. This ensures that systems can be up and running rapidly, with a minimum amount of training. It also keeps costs in check without compromising on quality, as customers only need to pay for precisely what they need.

Modular benefits

HR House combines software modules and HR services to meet the specific needs of individual customers and the targets they have set for enhancing the efficiency of their HR management.

Customers can add modules as their needs develop safe in the knowledge that, whatever the combination of modules and other services they decide on, they will all work seamlessly together.

Customers have the choice of either leasing software and having HR House provide various expert services to help leverage its potential, or purchasing project-specific access to HR House’s systems for as long they need. HR House can help customers sift through and analyse job applications, for example, provide telephone and other services for job-seekers, and tools for managing things like overtime and calling up people to handle short-term labour requirements.

HR House also offers recruitment and leased manpower services, telephone and one-on-one interviews, testing and related assessment work, outplacement assistance, internal and external vacancy management, candidate shortlists, and holiday cover management. The scope of each assignment is always agreed in detail to ensure a good match of needs and resources, whether software, services, or a mix of the two.

Flexible and customer driven

Compared to conventional HR management systems, SAIMA HRM offers a new level of integration and functionality.

The fact that all modules are Internet-based applications means that they can be used anywhere anytime, and also enables them to be updated very easily to ensure that they provide what customers need and incorporate HR House’s latest ideas as well.

Software has been developed from the ground up to enable basic modules to be customised or extended easily and cost-effectively. As customisation projects can draw on HR House’s extensive in-house expertise in a very wide range of personnel-related areas, customers can be sure of getting a solution that will really deliver the kind of capabilities that they are looking for.

> Hanna Kaske
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)