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Location made easy

Ekahau’s Wi-Fi based RTLS (Real-Time Location System) is a quick and easy solution for locating assets and people across an organisation, making key employees and processes visible and reducing the time needed to find vital equipment and inventory. All you need is a standard Wi-Fi network, Ekahau software, and Ekahau Wi-Fi tags.

Mobility is no longer a luxury in today’s world, it is an absolute necessity for improving productivity and reducing costs. Wireless networks and the data and voice communications they provide enable organisations to keep up with their people on the move. Adding a location-tracking application gives them a simple, accurate, and automated way to stay up-to-date on the location of both people and inventory items – with the right solution that is.

Unlike other proprietary systems, Ekahau relies on standard 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networks to deliver a comprehensive real-time location system for tracking assets and people. Because Ekahau uses existing wireless network infrastructure, deployment is cost-effective and fast. When installed, an Ekahau RTLS does not interrupt network activities or affect other network communications.

Clear benefits

Ekahau RTLS updates the location of assets and people automatically and can synchronise this information with other systems and personnel that need it, helping optimise process management by making processes visible.

The Ekahau T301BD badge makes accurate location tracking and communication with personnel easy. Pulling the emergency alarm switch will send a call for help, together with exact location information, to other team members.
Ekahau RTLS delivers savings by allowing businesses to reduce their equipment inventory through better asset utilisation, eliminate wasted time spent searching for items, and ensure fewer thefts. Non-monetary benefits include better employee satisfaction, as personnel can focus on their core duties rather than trying to find people or equipment. Historical location information also represents a valuable asset, as it can be used to analyse the way organisations operate and optimise processes.

A new-generation Wi-fi pager badge

Ekahau’s T301BD pager badge makes two-way communication between staff members and processes easy, thanks to its buttons, LED display, and buzzer. The bright display is ideal for sending and receiving text messages; while the pulldown emergency call switch can be used to call co-workers and security for assistance. The emergency alarm, which automatically transmits someone’s location at the time of an alert, can be programmed to call security, re-direct cameras to the area concerned, or control doors.

Equipping personnel with T301BD pager badges eliminates manual searches for staff across large sites, as people can query the location of other staff quickly using a Web browser. The system’s text messaging capability, combined with the accurate real-time location information it offers, provides a powerful way for managing even large numbers of people.

The T301BD is part of the Ekahau tag family, which includes long-life asset tags, temperature-monitoring tags, and tags specially designed for hazardous locations.

> Annina Pierson
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)