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Putting the user first

Merident loupes have been by far the lightest and most comfortable loupes on the market for the past 10 years. The fact that they are fully adjustable makes them perfect for virtually any user. Thanks to the new EasyErgo system, it is now easy and quick to tailor Merident’s loupes to a user’s needs and guarantee optimum posture.

Flip-up loupes are not a new invention and have been in use for some time. The main problem with traditional models, however, has been that they are too heavy, obstruct users’ lines of vision, and are clumsy to use. It is also impossible to adopt the best posture from an ergonomic point of view with many traditional models. Being able to adjust loupes to user needs, not the other way around is critical for professionals.

The EasyErgo system is used to record a user’s ideal posture at work and adjust their loupes accordingly. Keeping a straight neck and using the eyes to look down avoids problems with the shoulders and neck.

Merident’s patented solutions eliminate these problems completely. The company’s Ultralight™ loupes can be used all day long, thanks to their light weight and stylish and ergonomic design. There are also no restrictions on the types of glasses that they can be used with, and lens strength can be easily updated at a user’s own optician.

The loupe’s smooth flip-up hinge also acts as a snap-fit coupler, enabling users to quickly select the most appropriate magnification for the job in hand.

Merident’s new Ultralight™ Easy offers 2.0x magnification, with exceptional depth of field and field of vision. To meet different user needs, the Merident Ultralight™ range also includes the Ergo (2.5x) and (Endo 3x) models.

Handy LED light gives excellent ergonomics

Merident’s DeLight™ light source has been developed by combining the latest LED and battery technology with the company’s overall user-friendly philosophy. Its lightweight Li-Ion battery has sufficient power to deliver bright light for a full day of work. The DeLight™ can be switched on and off without compromising hygiene by a press of the arm, and its dedicated microprocessor handles all automated functions, including charging.

Locating the unit close to the user’s line of vision avoids obstructing overall vision, while giving excellent, virtually shadow-free light wherever it is needed, enabling the user to concentrate on what he or she is doing 100%.

The simple flip-up mechanism used in Merident’s loupes makes it easy to flip them out of the way with one finger. Loupes can be removed altogether, thanks to their snap fitting, making it easy to switch magnifications.

Prompt and easy registration

Merident’s new EasyErgo system records a user’s optimal working posture with a camera. A graduated scale fitted to their glasses provides the accurate information needed for adjusting their loupes individually. A user’s personal lenses can be processed according to their optician’s specifications as part of the same order.

After loupes have been adjusted in this way, it is easy and instinctive for users to adopt the best posture, as their lines of vision are now optimal when sitting correctly. Detailed adjustments to working distance can be made by the user if necessary.

Avoiding posture problems early on

Merident has produced a phantom head with a camera in the mouth to help take account of a dentist’s special ergonomic needs. Measurements can be taken either at a dentist’s own surgery or using a simulator.

The system is perhaps of most benefit to students, as adopting the best posture early on can help prevent the type of neck and shoulder problems that are so typical of the profession developing subsequently.

The DeLight™can be attached very easily. The combined weight of light source and loupe is less than 20 grams.

Why Ultralight?

  • extremely light weight, a real benefit when working throughout the day
  • elegant and stylish frame options
  • free choice of lenses (protective glass, single vision, bifocal, varifocal), easy to update
  • fully adjustable, enabling loupes to be adjusted to their users, rather than the other way around
  • optimal field of vision even with loupes in the down position, and easy flip-up
  • snap-fit coupler makes switching between different magnifications easy
  • handy, efficient LED light as an option

Merident has been in the business of helping improve the performance and ergonomics of dental care professionals since 1996. Product development has been based on the real-life needs of dentists from the start, and has focused on key practical issues such as low weight, ease of use, and comfort.

All of Merident’s products are designed to the highest standard for precision work, and are all fully inter-compatible, enabling users to extend the capabilities of their products at a later date in the knowledge that they can go on using their existing systems.

> Kari Ulvio
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)