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Excellent diagnostic performance

With 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art dental panoramic and tomographic systems, SOREDEX recently turned a major new page in dental imaging with the introduction of the SCANORA® 3D. This cone beam system combines a large field of view with dedicated panoramic imaging, offering one-button switching between modes.

The SCANORA® 3D system provides a new and innovative way of looking at dentomaxillofacial anatomy and solving diagnostic problems. With cone beam 3D imaging, users can freely select the image layer, angle, and type of visualisation they want after exposure. Compared to conventional tomography, this represents a major advantage, as all diagnostic information in the region of interest can be clearly seen, examined, and used.

The superior versatility of the system comes from its combination of cone beam 3D imaging with three selectable fields of view (FOV) and dedicated panoramic imaging.

Thanks to these three fields of view, users can select the appropriate image volume for different diagnostic tasks.

The SCANORA® 3D combines low patient dose and rapid imaging with high accuracy. The system’s standard resolution mode is suitable for most diagnostic tasks, while its high-resolution mode offers improved accuracy.

The smallest (60 mm x 60 mm) is ideal for single implant operations, localised dental problems, and temporomandibular joints. The medium FOV (75 mm x 100 mm) is ideal when the entire dental complex, including the mental and mandibular foramen, need to be examined; while the largest (75 mm x 145 mm) is the option of choice when examining a patient’s complete dentition, both TM joints and upper cervical spine, or maxillofacial area, together with their airways.

Fast and efficient workflow

The SCANORA® 3D system makes workflows both fast and efficient. A unique AutoSwitch™ feature enables the system to select the detector needed for the required imaging mode automatically – eliminating the need to change sensors, radically reposition the patient, or realign the unit.

Short scan and reconstruction times further add to the unit’s industry-leading levels of efficiency and usability.

The SCANORA® 3D uses an integrated seat for superior patient support and accurate positioning. A chin rest and temporal supports hold the patient’s head firmly but gently, to eliminate possible movement artifacts in both 3D and panoramic imaging modes.

Comprehensive toolbox

The system’s software covers image capture, patient management, and image visualisation.

In addition to standard image processing, an extensive range of powerful diagnostic tools is provided, covering areas such as surface rendering with anatomic plane clipping to virtually remove covering structures in regions of interest. Other tools allow the visibility of teeth, bones, and soft tissue to be enhanced. Colour mapping and transparency levels can also be adjusted.

The system selects the detector needed automatically, eliminating the need to change sensors, radically reposition the patient, or realign the unit.

Panoramic images can also be produced by reconstructing the 3D volume according to the selected field of view.

Building on decades of experience

The SCANORA® 3D follows the lead of the original SCANORA® system, which was introduced some 20 years ago and brought spiral tomography to dental imaging for the first time. This enabled cross-sectional tomograms to be produced to provide valuable diagnostic information, particularly for implant-related work.

Today’s SCANORA® 3D takes dental imaging and implant planning to the next level – and its superior versatility, extensive features set, and innovative design make the system an attractive alternative to separate 3D and panoramic imaging units.

A wide range of dental X-ray imaging units

SOREDEX offers a quality imaging solution meeting the highest clinical requirements for virtually every need, whether film or digital, panoramic, cephalometric, or tomographic – and more than 30,000 SOREDEX dental x-ray units are installed worldwide.

As SOREDEX designs, produces, and delivers its dental equipment itself, reliability, ease of use, and premium-quality images go hand in hand. Worldwide technical support, provided by the company’s network of expert customer service representatives, technical support engineers, and dealers, is also very much part of the ‘package’.

All SOREDEX products are manufactured in accordance with a ISO 9001 quality system and are subject to rigorous quality control and testing. To ensure its continued leadership worldwide, SOREDEX invests heavily in R&D.

Exports account for over 98% of sales, with the US, the EU, and Japan accounting for the bulk of the customer base.

> Matti Linnosaari
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)