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A card made just for you

A mobile loyalty, membership, or licence card from Intellipocket is easy to produce, easy to introduce, and easy to use. What could be better for boosting sales and getting people excited about your brand? The positive reception that this new start-up has received from its customers seems to show that they are on to a winner.

Founded just a few years ago, in 2009 to be exact, as a software company specialising in digital loyalty and membership cards, Intellipocket has quickly become the numberone mobile card provider in Scandinavia and northern Europe – with a rapidly growing turnover to prove it.

Hundreds of Intellipocket applications have been delivered to over 1 million mobile phones in more than 50 countries to date. Over half of recipients have downloaded them to more than 2,500 different types of device, even non-smartphones – that’s counting brand, model and version, if you were wondering.

Digital cards produced using Intellipocket’s technology, which is protected by around a dozen national and international patents, work with just about any mobile platform out there and 95% of the mobile phones used in Europe.

Digital cards produced using Intellipocket’s technology work with just about any mobile platform and 95% of the mobile phones used in Europe.

It’s all about replacing the plastic in people’s pockets

Intellipocket’s business model is based on replacing the plastic in your pocket or your wallet – in the shape of those innumerable, old-school plastic cards based on the classic credit card paradigm that took off back in the 1950s – with user-friendly digital cards that customers carry with them along with their other digital content.

Intellipocket does this by providing endusers with a hassle-free, easy-to-download personalised mobile app that is ready to use in seconds. For the card provider, creating a customer card programme is pretty easy as well, whether customers already have a loyalty or similar programme in place or not. An Intellipocket app can be easily integrated into any existing customer loyalty platform or be used to create the foundation for a completely new one.

Intellipocket offers a fully customisable platform, and each and every mobile card is designed to look, feel, and sound like the company, club, or association it represents. This flexibility makes Intellipocket a very versatile and potentially very effective marketing and communication tool that gives card providers direct and instant access to their customers. Intellipocket can roll a membership card and an information channel into one, for example, provide customer loyalty benefits, or deliver a complete mobile Web site, with phone numbers, addresses, and other useful information.

"An Intellipocket mobile card puts
your brand in their pocket."

Bottom-line benefits

Intellipocket’s content management software enables card providers to develop and add content very easily as their needs change.
Traditional loyalty programmes can be expensive to run, and Intellipocket’s mobile cards deliver here by cutting management costs significantly, as they do not need to be renewed in the conventional way, saving on printing and logistics costs. At the same time, they also open up new revenue-generating opportunities in addition to their other benefits.

An Intellipocket solution helps providers reach more customers more of the time, boosting sales and getting people talking about their brand. The figures show that customers are simply more likely to take advantage of new targeted offers delivered straight to their mobile phone than those they receive by more traditional means.

Intellipocket’s content management software enables card providers to develop and add content very easily as their needs change, such as PLU codes, special offers, discounts, and upto- the-minute news – and monitor which content gets the most traction in virtual real-time.

In fact, many of Intellipocket’s customers have been able to increase their turnover significantly following the introduction of an Intellipocket card or otherwise take their dialogue with their customers, members, or users to a new level. These include organisations like Holiday Club Resorts, the Restel Hotel Group, the S Group’s Amarillo chain of restaurants, and the Finnish Football Association. The latter’s digital Player Passport, for example, is offered to all players over 12, while a separate mobile license is issued to referees.

Simple to use and useful too

One of Intellipocket’s customers to find out how much more a digital card can offer than a traditional plastic one last year was Holiday Club Resorts, Europe’s leading weekly timeshare company, with 32 resorts and 1,300 holiday homes in Finland, Sweden, mainland Spain, and the Canary islands.

Hotel Club Resorts launched cards for their timeshare members and villa owners in 2012 and now has tens of thousands of cardholders in five different European countries.

New potential users are simply sent an SMS asking them whether they want to join up, bypassing the need to visit an app store or register on a separate Web site. Once they download the app, it can be used immediately.

This ease of use, together with the topicality of the content on offer and things like the ability of cards to be used by the family members of Holiday Club members who own weekly shares, has proved a big plus in driving the popularity of Hotel Club Resorts’ Intellipocket cards.

> Pekka Rehtijärvi
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)