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The global leader in data erasure
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The global leader in data erasure

With millions of users worldwide, Blancco has become the preferred erasure choice for numerous military, defence, police, banking, and IT asset reseller organisations – and offers more certified data erasure solutions than anyone else today.

Blancco provides process efficiency to thousands of companies and hundreds of IT asset recycling, refurbishing, and remarketing centres around the world. Using its software, a single operator can erase more than 100 computers or other assets a day – and tens of thousands of IT assets are now sanitised, analysed, and tested using Blancco solutions every day.

Blancco’s products support a multitude of overwriting algorithms and enable the erasure of all types of assets, from smartphones to the high-end storage technology found in data centres. Data erased by Blancco cannot be recovered using any existing technology.

Another key advantage of Blancco’s solutions is that they provide detailed erasure reports giving detailed information on hardware that has been erased and evidence proving the success of the erasure. Information like this plays a critical part in the auditing needed to comply with industry regulations and standards.

Committed to staying at the forefront

Stringent standards and regulations in areas such as health care, finance, and credit information require that organisations handle confidential data with the utmost care. Failure to prevent data breaches can result in hefty fines, negative publicity, or other penalties.

What makes Blancco stand out here is the range of certifications that its solutions offer, as it has over 10 national and international thirdparty approvals, certifications, and recommendations – the most in the industry. Blancco is certified by Common Criteria, an internationally recognised independent security certification recognised by the governments of 26 countries, for example, and by the Communications- Electronics Security Group (CESG) in the UK. In addition, Blancco has received approvals from international agencies such as NATO, TÜV-Süd, and the US Department of Defense.

Blancco’s ongoing investment in R&D aims to provide the best in terms of hardware support, the most flexible approach for software delivery, and a quality product that has passed the most third-party testing processes in the industry. As part of research on the latest developments in storage technology, Blancco is working with its customers and partners to provide solutions for erasing new types of assets, such as solid state drives (SSDs).

Blancco’s extensive R&D ensures that its erasure solutions offer industry-leading quality and functionality. Data erased by Blancco cannot be recovered using any existing technology.

Blancco solutions are designed to:

  • Handle fully automated, remote erasure in the fastest, most secure way possible
  • Mitigate the risk of legal liabilities, damage to an organisation’s reputation, and loss of corporate IT assets
  • Comply with global security and privacy regulations
  • Manage IT asset disposal processes, including the distribution of data sanitisation software and erasure reporting for auditing purposes, and
  • Collect, retain, and manage data for an organisation’s entire IT assets, including printers and copying machines.
> Katherine Johnson & Johanna Pakkanen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)