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World-class digital 3D imaging

The companies in the Planmeca Group are dedicated to designing and innovating world-leading 3D imaging devices and applications that benefit a variety of specialists – such as radiologists, orthopaedists, and dentists – in their daily work.

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech dental care equipment, Planmeca allocates around 10% of its annual turnover to R&D into dental care units, X-ray units, and imaging software. The latest technologies are extensively used in production, and Planmeca very much believes that having R&D and production physically close to each other can generate valuable synergies. The recent expansion of the company’s manufacturing facilities in Helsinki further underlines this belief.

Planmeca’s 3D X-ray units, combined with Planmeca ProFace™, acquire a CBCT volume and 3D face photo of the patient in a single scan.

Research into the latest, cutting-edge technologies ensures that they are incorporated into Planmeca’s products, and its dental care and X-ray units offer unparalleled design, usability, and ergonomics, while complying with even the strictest standards for infection control. Planmeca also produces state-of-the-art imaging software for X-ray applications.

Planmeca’s 3D dental X-ray product range has been extended in recent years to cover all the radiological needs of a variety of specialities, including implantology, orthodontics, and maxillofacial surgery.

One of the latest additions to the Planmeca X-ray product family is Planmeca ProFace™, a unique, radiation-free 3D face photo option that enables things such as the relation of soft tissue to skeletal structure to be measured and extensive before-and-after comparisons to be produced.

With the addition of this option, Planmeca’s 3D X-ray units can now automatically combine two, simultaneously acquired 3D datasets – CBCT data and a 3D face photo – into a single 3D model that meets a variety of diagnostic needs in the maxillofacial and dental areas.

Dedicated medical imaging

Another Planmeca Group company, Planmed Oy, designs and manufactures imaging units for mammography. One of its latest product line extensions is a dedicated 3D imaging system for orthopaedic applications. The Planmed Verity® Extremity Scanner demonstrates the potential of the synergies that exist within the Planmeca Group very well. This all-new approach to the 3D imaging of extremities took its inspiration from the CBCT technology used in Planmeca’s 3D dental X-ray units and the realisation that this technology has a lot to offer in other fields of medicine as well.

The Planmed Verity® Extremity Scanner offers multiple benefits over traditional CT scanners. Not only is the radiation dose lower, the compact size of the unit also means that it can be used ‘out in the field’ for point-of-care purposes. The imaging process it offers is also quicker and more convenient for the patient.

Strong in clinical research

Both Planmeca and Planmed are active participants in a number of Finnish and international research partnerships, many of which often go beyond product development and generate technological advances that benefit the entire industry.

Planmed has partnered with clinical and university partners such as Sunnybrook Health Sciences’ renowned breast cancer research centre in Toronto, Canada, as well as several Finnish institutions, for example. Planmeca, for its part, works with universities and teaching institutions, both by supplying dental care equipment for teaching and research purposes and by participating in research projects.

The companies in the Planmeca Group are also renowned for their functional design, which has won accolades in a number of international design competitions.

All in all, Planmeca employs more than 100 people in product development and research on new technologies. The Group’s product development process makes extensive use of customer feedback to ensure that its solutions make the workflow of dentists and dental teams seamless, safe, and efficient.

The Planmed Verity® Extremity Scanner offers fast and accurate orthopaedic 3D imaging for point-of-care use.

A leader in its field

Based in Helsinki, the Planmeca Group is a leading health care technology company and consists of six divisions: Planmeca Oy, Planmed Oy, Plandent Oy, LM-Instruments Oy, Opus Systemer AS, and Triangle Furniture Systems Inc. The Group employs approximately 2,500 people worldwide and expects to record around €760 million in turnover during 2013.

> Tiina Lehtinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)